Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cooper's Breed Mix, Fundraising and TV Interview.

This has been a very busy week so far!  I've been making more plans to return to PAD in PA to continue team training with Cooper.  I am hoping to get down there on Monday, so I've been working hard to raise the funds I need for the trip.

I'm selling a few things on e-bay, it's just a few things I had around the house, check out my store azevwing. I'm also trying to spread the word as best I can.

Okay now that I'm done with the boring part, on to Cooper!  All service dog pups need to have many experiences in the wider world where they have a chance to acclimate to strange events and the general craziness that happens around us strange humans.  So to that end Cooper was offered an amazing opportunity to be a model for an advertisement.  I heard that he did remarkably well and that everyone was in love with him.  I really can't blame them he's quite the handsome fellow.  Here's a picture of him relaxing in between photo shoots.

I've been asked a few times what Cooper's breed mix might be.  Well his mother was a mixed breed herself and she's not telling.  Phoenix Assistance Dogs will sometimes do a Wisdom Panel Test with their dogs in order to identify certain breeds that may have genetic disorders that can be screened for.  While not exact, this test can identify key breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds that carry diseases that may not be apparent until the dog is an adult.  There are genetic tests that can be run to identify dogs that are at risk. PAD believes in ensuring that all their dogs are as healthy as they can be.

The results are in.  Cooper is 25% Golden Retriever, 25% Shar-Pei, 14.80% Clumber Spaniel, 9.87% Redbone Coonhound, 9.80% Labrador Retriever, 7.40% Beagle and 2.19% Harrier.

Clockwise from top left, Redbone Coonhound, Golden Retriever, Cooper, Shar-Pei, Beagle, Harrier, Black Lab, Clumber Spaniel

Wow that's a lot of dogs!  So I guess that means that Cooper is a mutt, but that's okay because mutts are the best dogs :-D just ask Gypsy!

In other news, I went on TV again.  This time it was on a local TV channel.  My friend Liz, who founded Please Don't Pet Me set it up and asked me to join her with Gypsy. Here's a pre-view of the show.  The show should be online in about a week or so, I'll be sure to let you all know when it airs!  BTW I'm the one with the colorful dog at my feet.

I believe very strongly in education and awareness.  I hope to help others create a better understanding of disabled people and the service dogs that help us.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our First PAD Team Training Session

For the past three days Gypsy and I have been at PAD in PA visiting with Cooper.  He's an awesome pup and we seemed to mesh really well.

It's a bit of a drive for me so when we arrived I settled into my room and took a nap. Gypsy waited impatiently for a chance to go meet the other dogs.

Once we had a chance to rest I got a chance to meet Cooper.  He's such a sweet heart snuggley boy.  He loves to play with the other pups.  I had the opportunity to have him come down and sleep with me and Gypsy.  Gypsy likes him about as well as she likes any puppy.  So far he seems to respect her when she tells him to leave her alone, though he loves it when she is in a playful mood and wrestles with him.

Most of what we did for this session of team training was bonding.  Because Cooper is still a pup he needs to do many different things and go many different places.  Cooper loves water, but has never been swimming, so we went to the lake to play.

Of course we also did some lessons together.  Cooper and I worked on his target training and 'leave it', both very important skills for any service dog to have. 

I was very sad to have to leave, but Cooper still needs time to grow and learn before he's ready to come home with me.  Hopefully, with your help and the help of others I will be able to return again soon and continue to work with PAD and Cooper. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

I've not only been raising funds for Phoenix Assistance Dogs, I've also been collecting things to donate.  Here is a list of some of the things I'll be bringing to PAD on Wednesday. (that's only two days away!!!!!)

medium airline crate
medium/large folding pop-up canvas crate
miscellaneous busy toys (food dispensing toys)
two cold weather dog jackets (large, medium)
large easy walk harness
ruff wear palisades pack size small (21"-30" girth)
dog life preserver size medium

PAD is always in need of gently used items and new items,  Check out their wish list at PAD's Wishlist.

In other (more fun) news, Cooper had a wonderful outing this past weekend.  He attended a farmer's market with one of his trainers and got to hang out with a few working service dogs and interact with the public.  I hear that he is doing great with his polite greetings and practicing age appropriate down stays!

And now a rather long video of one of Cooper's vet visits.  See how well behaved and calm he is?